How Long Does Roast Beef Last in the Fridge?

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Ever planned to cook some roast beef for your family but you made some extra and don’t want to dump it? It is a situation of almost every household and for sure, throwing cooked food is not an idea one should believe in. Instead, you can always keep it in your fridge and consume it later. 

But for how long? And how to do that? How long can the roast beef last in the fridge? There must be many such questions roaming around in your head. And to solve it all, all you need to do is to go through this guide where we are sharing all facts and pieces of information about your roast beef storage problems. Let’s get started-


How Long Does Roast Beef Last in the Fridge?

If you have some roast beef left from yesterday’s dinner and you want to keep it in your fridge, then you must keep it only for 3 to 4 days only. If you’re keeping it any longer than it, it is advisable to not use it as it can become stale even after keeping it in your fridge. Also, always use a zip-loc bag for keeping it in your fridge.

How long will the roast beef last in a freezer?

Whenever you keep something in your freezer, you increase its shelf life as when things are kept frozen, it is safe to have it later as well. Talking about how long will it last, you can easily keep it for as long as 2-3 weeks without any issues. 

However, it would depend on various factors including how you’re packaging it. If you’re sealing it tight or keeping it in a zip lock bag where there’s no scope of air, you’re doing it right.


How to know if your roast beef has become stale?

It is very normal to find your roast beef converted into stale even if you have kept it in a fridge for days. If it has surpassed the maximum limit of storage or has become stale due to any other reason, it could lead to various health problems and is advisable not to consume it. But in order to do that, you must know if your roast beef has become stale or not and to check that, here are the things that you need to take care of-

  • Unusual smell- If your roast beef has become stale, the first sign you will find will be a bad smell. You would not be able to smell it immediately after putting it out from the fridge but in some time, you can try smelling it, and it is likely to be stinking. 
  • Slimy texture- When there’s no sign of smell, you should touch and see the texture of it. Beef usually as a good texture but is not at all slimy. It is smooth but you might find a sludgy texture if it has become rotten badly. 
  • Colour change- Color change is another factor to look for. When you cook it for the first time, you will find it either brown or pink in colour. But as it changes, you would find it changing its colour and will start becoming green, grey or even yellow. If it is still in the process, you will find it getting faded and that is when you should consider dumping it.


Is it safe to consume frozen roast beef?

Although as per the nutritional concern, it is best to consume roast beef when it is fresh to have the highest possible nutritional value, if you have to consume it later, make sure that you’re following the shelf lifetime and not surpassing it. 

Also, in a few conditions, you would find the frozen roast beef getting stale before its time and in such conditions, you must throw it immediately by confirming it with the rotten signs we have mentioned above.


What is the right way to store roast beef in a fridge?

If you want to store your roast beef in the fridge, make sure that you follow all the points we are mentioning below-

  • Always use an air-tight container- If you are putting it in your fridge, make sure that you are putting it in an air-tight container or using a bag where the air can not pass through. The usage of foil or any such thing can be helpful.
  • Store it within 2 hours- Once you are done with cooking your roast beef, allow some time to cool it down as you can not put anything that is hot immediately in your fridge. Once you think it is cool enough to be stored, store it and make sure you take no longer than 2 hours of cooking it. 
  • Do not use your hands to touch it directly- While cooking, make sure that it does not come in your touch directly through your hands. If you’re touching it after cooking with your fingers, you’re transferring the bacteria, and it won’t last long.


Wrapping up,

In a nutshell, this is how you can store your roast beef in the fridge and everything else about it. Also, we would like to add that you must be selective about your food preferences and if possible, always go for fresh food rather than frozen ones and make healthier choices.




1- Will the sliced roast beef last longer than the whole?

Yes, if you have the sliced roast beef and you’re keeping it in a fridge, it will last 1-2 days longer than the whole if it is sliced correctly.

2- How can I keep my roast beef fresh?

If you’re keeping your roast beef fresh, you must ensure that you have set your fridge with the correct temperature, keeping it hygienic and not defrosting your fridge while keeping the same there. 

3- What is the ideal temperature to freeze my roast beef in a fridge?

You must set your fridge below 40°F in order to keep it fresh and increase its lifespan in your refrigerator. 


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