Too Much Lemon in the Sauce? (Best Way to Cut Lemon Flavor)

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Lemon makes your boring dish taste tangy and adds some flavour to it. But what if you overload the dish with this tangy lemon flavour? It surely will ruin the dish and your mood, of course. What is the solution then? How to overcome too much lemon in the sauce? 

Well, we’re here to solve your query by sharing some best ways to cut lemon flavour from your dish. Let’s get started-


What is the best way to cut lemon flavour from the sauce?

Let us now talk about some of the best ways via which you can surely cut down the lemon flavor from your sauce.

1- Add something sweet such as sugar or honey 

The very first yet traditional method says that if you add any sweet content to a dish or a sauce where you have added too much lemon, the sugar content will overcome the sourness of lemon. You can use anything such as sugar, honey, sugar replacement such as stevia, brown sugar or anything sweet. 


2- Add some baking soda

As you already know, lemon contains critic acid and to normalize it, using baking soda will be aidful as it can be used as alkaline. To mix it up, you need to know the amount of sauce you are having. As per 1 cup of sauce, you need around 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda.

 However, you need to be very careful when it comes to mixing it all as if you exceed the limit, your sauce will start tasting like a soup and for sure, it will ruin your food.

Also, when you start adding and mixing it, you will find the bubbles forming and that is a good indication that suggests that it has started working. Give it a good mix and then taste. Alternatively, you can use calcium carbonate and mix it as per requirement. 


3- Add some salt to it

If you are lacking a lot of ingredients at home and you want a quick fix to this issue, you can try adding some salt and it will easily neutralize the acid and give it a good fix. However, you need to be very cautious while adding salt as if you add it too much, it might not be tangy but will become too salty and that would surely ruin the taste. 

Tip- Try adding a little bit of salt first and then see if it is enough. Taste it and then add more, if required.


4- Add some fat to it

If you want to add some flavour as well, then adding some fat will be the best option out of all the given choices. If your sauce has too much lemon flavour, try adding something fatty, such as butter, cream, sour cream, olive oil or even yoghurt.

 If you don’t have anything among these, you can also add cheese to it. It will ensure your tastebuds have a creamy flavour as well as control the lemon flavour as well. However, again, you need to keep tasting and add anything among these in a controlled portion. Do not overdo it as it may kill the taste.


5- Add something starchy

If you have this lemon issue in your soup, then specifically go for either rice flour or corn starch to control the flavour. It will work like magic and will also keep the consistency thick. 

However, if it is not about a sauce but a soup, veggie or something else, then you can also add some boiled potatoes by mashing them nicely as it contains starch and will help in removing the extreme flavour.


6- Increase the quantity

Lastly, if you don’t want to add anything extra to it, then simply dilute it with some water and if it is still not working, add the other ingredients of the sauce and increase the whole quantity of it. It will for sure divide the flavour into the whole and will become equal. 

Although we don’t recommend this process and you must keep it as a last option as it is a lot of hustle in going through the process again and diluting it.


Wrapping up,

So these were the easy solutions that can for sure work if you have too much lemon in your sauce. All these methods work like a magic as we have tested them all. If you still have confusion regarding the quantity or anything specific, please comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




1- How do you calm down lemon flavour?

To control the lemon flavour from your food, you can add any ingredient from cream, honey, sugar or even salt. However, make sure you add it in a controlled portion and keep stirring it and tasting it so it does not kill other flavours.

2-How do you get the bitter lemon taste out of a sauce?

At times when you add too much lemon to a dish, it starts becoming bitter in taste and that’s when you need to know how to control it. For that, you can some honey syrup, whipped cream or marmalade to it. The quantity will depend upon the quantity of your dish. 

3- Is it safe to add calcium carbonate to my sauce?

Although we recommend you add other natural ingredients such as oil, salt, sugar, honey, baking soda and more to it, if you don’t have any such ingredient available currently, you can also add calcium carbonate and it will not be hazardous for your health. It surely is not the best substitute to do that, you still can use it to control the lemon flavour from food. However, be sure of the quantity that you’re adding. 


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