How Long Does It Take for Beetroot Juice to Work?

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Summer season is here, calling for sipping on fresh juices and drinks, and what better way to start a hot summer morning than having a glass of fresh beetroot juice? Honestly, the only thing I like about summers is the availability of fresh fruits and vegetables that allows me to make different juices and sip on them whenever I feel the scorching heat. 

One of my favorite juice options for summer is beetroot juice. It provides instant relief, is packed with tons of nutrients, and is famous for its health benefits. However, one thing that I always see people wondering about whenever they plan to start making beetroot juice a constant part of their diet is the time it takes for the juice to work. 

Typically, beetroot juice can take up to 24 hours to show significant effects regarding controlling lower blood pressure. However, you can expect the juice to start working in 30 minutes to within an hour. 

Moreover, if you aim to achieve glowing and fresh skin and want your digestive system to start working efficiently, you might need to maintain a regular schedule with beetroot juice for at least 2 to 4 weeks. 

I have compiled a detailed guide for you explaining the time it takes for the beetroot juice to start showing positive results. I will also take you through a list of advantages this juice comes packed with and a breakdown of all the nutrients this juice comes packed with. So, keep reading to know this and many other interesting things about beetroot juice. 


How Much Time Does Beetroot Juice Take to Work?

Although beetroot juice isn’t the most palatable juice option you will find out there, it’s packed with many good things that compel you to make it a constant part of your daily diet. One of the best things about beetroot juice is its immediate functioning and results. 

Generally, beetroot juice starts showing its effects within 30 minutes to 1 hour, and it is all because of the high nutrient content in it. This is probably why it is often preferred to be used as a pre-workout drink. 

However, one thing you need to be mindful of here is that many of these researches showing the immediate effect of this juice were focused on causal workouts and untrained athletes. Whether or not this juice has some significant effects on the health and stamina of trained and professional athletes is not clear as of yet. 

Another aspect where beetroot juice is known for showing immediate results is in controlling the blood pressure level in your body. If you are someone suffering from the issue of high blood pressure, drinking beetroot juice can significantly reduce it within an hour. 

As far as the exact time that beetroot juice takes to show effects or results is concerned, it depends on many factors, including the quantity you are consuming and how often you consume this juice. 

This time also varies from person to person, i.e., the juice might start showing effects immediately in one person and could take at least 24 hours to show similar results in some other person. 

But the good news here is that, due to the presence of nitrates in the beetroot juice, it usually dissolves quickly into the bloodstream, showing immediate effects. 


What Are Some Factors That Affect the Time Beetroot Juice Takes to Work? 

As I mentioned earlier, the time it takes for beetroot juice to start showing its effects depends on numerous factors. The first thing is the type of juice you have chosen to consume. For instance, if you want to get the most out of beetroot juice, you can get fresh beetroots from the market and squeeze them at home to make juice. 

Freshly-squeezed beetroot juice is packed with many nutrients and is much more beneficial than canned juice. Similarly, if you want to save some money, you can go for canned juice or get a carton of beetroot juice from the market. As the juice from the market has some artificial flavorings and additives, it won’t be as healthy and nutritious as the juice from fresh beetroot. 

Considering the high nutritional value of fresh beetroot juice, it will start showing its effects a lot earlier than canned juice. 

Another thing affecting the time beetroot juice takes to start working is the quantity of juice you consume and how regular you are with its consumption. If you want to notice considerable changes in your body and metabolism, it’s recommended to consume beetroot juice regularly and go for at least one big glass per day. 


What Are Some Health Benefits of Beetroot Juice? 

If you have reached this part of the blog, you might already know about all the hype regarding the health benefits of beetroot juice. However, most of the things you might know are incomplete, and you may be looking for all the health benefits this juice is packed with. 

Don’t worry; I have enlisted some of the major health benefits of beetroot juice for you here. This list might encourage you to make beetroot juice a regular part of your everyday diet. 

  • Heart Health 

One of the body’s most important organs is the heart; if the heart is in good condition, most diseases stay away from the human body. I already mentioned above that beetroot juice is filled with nitrates. Nitrates, if you don’t already know, work in dilating the blood vessels, which in turn reduces blood pressure. This whole process keeps your heart in good condition. 

Beetroot juice also works in causing a reduction in the overstimulation of the sympathetic nervous system, which can increase the blood pressure levels in your body, giving rise to different heart diseases. 

According to a research report, consuming beetroot juice evidently reduces the blood pressure level in the body within 30 minutes. This effect, however, lasts for merely 24 hours. 

  • Anti-Cancerous 

Another important nutrient or antioxidant in beetroot juice is betacyanin, known for fighting free radicals. This antioxidant is famous for fighting cancerous cells in the body and stopping them from spreading. Due to the high betacyanin content in beetroot juice, it is often prescribed to cancer patients. 

Additionally, beetroot juice is anti-inflammatory, making it a powerful ingredient to fight chronic lymphocytic leukemia, i.e., bone marrow and blood cancer. Regular and consistent consumption of beetroot juice can cause a significant reduction in inflammation and proliferation of cancerous cells that play a role in stimulating cell death of cancerous cells in the body. 

  • Treat Diabetes 

The phytonutrients present in beetroot juice cause a significant reduction in the glucose level of the body. This is actually possible because of the betalains present in high quantity in the juice. 

Other Health Benefits 

Along with the major health benefits I have explained above, here is a list of all the other health advantages you can get from beetroot juice consumption: 

  1. The nitric oxide in beetroot juice works in treating erectile dysfunction. 
  2. It helps in improving the cardiovascular system. 
  3. The regular intake of beetroot juice also enhances the respiratory system. 
  4. Dietary nitrate found in beetroot juice improves blood flow to the brain, significantly reducing the risk of dementia. 
  5. Betain’ present in the juice work in treating liver diseases that are non-alcoholic. 


Conclusion – How Long Does It Take for Beetroot Juice to Work?

In this guide, I have provided a simple yet detailed answer to the most frequently asked question about beetroot juice, i.e., how long does it take to work? I also took you through some factors that affect this timing. 

Lastly, I provided you with a breakdown of some of the major health benefits of beetroot juice, along with listing all the nutrients in the juice responsible for triggering those health improvements. 

Hopefully, this guide has made your choice of including beetroot juice in your daily diet easier. 


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