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Do you love snacking on Graham Crackers but want your snack basket filled with different options? Are you searching for some healthier Graham Crackers options in Australia but don’t know where to start? If yes, this guide is for you. 

Graham Crackers are loved by a vast population worldwide and is preferred by most people for snacking. However, unfortunately, you can’t find Graham Crackers all the time owing to their high demand. This left most of us with no other option but to look for some Graham Cracker substitutes. 

We have compiled this comprehensive write-up for you to explore some of the best Graham Cracker Substitutes in Australia. We will also provide you with some recipes you can make using Graham Crackers or their substitutes in this guide. 


8 Best Graham Cracker Substitutes in Australia 

Here is a list of some of the best Graham Cracker substitutes you can find in Australia. The best part is that most of these substitutes are almost equal to or less than Graham Crackers regarding price. 

  • Digestive Cookies 

This is one of the healthiest substitutes for a graham cracker you can find in Australia. Not many people are fond of digestive cookies, but once you get the hang of these, there is no going back. 

Digestive cookies resemble graham crackers a lot in their texture, color, as well as taste. You can easily use these cookies instead of graham crackers in many recipes, and there won’t be much difference. 

These cookies will uplift the taste of different desserts, from cheesecakes to custards, puddings, and much more. You can even add these biscuits to yogurt to give flavor and crunch to it. One thing about digestive cookies that will make you love them even more than graham crackers is the wide flavor range you get in them. 

You can get your hands on chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry-flavored digestive cookies and satisfy your sweet cravings. 

  • Crisp Biscuits 

Another thing that can prove to be an excellent graham cracker substitute in Australia is crisp biscuits. You can find these biscuits in numerous different flavors and textures, but the soft and airy ones we found most close to graham crackers. 

These biscuits will dissolve immediately in your mouth but are marked by a crisp outer layer. Though consuming them on their own can also be an incredible experience for you, it’s best to add these biscuits to different recipes and try them in different forms. 

For instance, if you are making cheesecake at home and can’t manage to get your hands on graham crackers, all you have to do is simply grind the crisp biscuits and add their layer at the bottom. This process should be followed by pouring the cake batter on top and letting it rest in the freezer for a few hours. 

Plate the cake out once it’s ready, and enjoy the crispy and airy texture of crisp biscuits underneath the smooth and fluffy cheesecake. 

  • Vanilla Wafer Cookies

Another graham cracker substitute that works really well with cheesecake is vanilla wafer cookies. As the name suggests, these cookies are more like wafers, which clarifies that they are incredibly lightweight and soft in texture. 

Though you can get multiple flavors in wafer cookies, the one that compliments cheesecakes the most is the vanilla one. It’s because these cookies go well with all kinds of cheesecakes, and considering their flavor and taste isn’t too strong; they won’t overpower the dessert you pair them with. 

The best thing about vanilla wafter cookies is that they can easily be found anywhere in Australia. You don’t have to search different markets for them, making them a reliable and accessible graham crackers substitute. 

  • Pretzels 

Pretzels are other baked products loved by Australians that can replace Graham Crackers in your desserts and other sweet recipes. If you have never heard of pretzels, they are actually baked bread products. 

Pretzels usually come in a twisted knot shape, and you can find them in various forms, including triangular, loop-like, ring, butterfly, etc. 

Being crunchy and salty, they are known to enhance the taste of all the recipes you use them in. You can enjoy this crunchy snake and even enjoy it with different dips, desserts, cheese, or fruits. 

  • Animal Crackers

Animal crackers are another tasty and crispy Graham cracker substitute in Australia, especially for use in recipes. These crackers actually come in the shapes of different animals, which is why they go by the name animal crackers. 

The only difference between an animal cracker and any other usual cracker is the distinct shape of the former ones. Also, you can find these crackers to be mostly glazed in either honey or vanilla serum which adds to their overall taste. 

As the word cracker suggests, you will feel the same cracking vibe and can hear the cracking noise on biting on these crackers. The best part about animal crackers is that they need to be used in the exact same amount/quantity in a recipe as graham crackers making the measurements extremely straightforward. 

The only thing you ought to be careful about when replacing graham crackers in your recipe with animal crackers is the sweetness, as these crackers are a little extra sweet compared to graham crackers. 

  • Cereal 

The next substitute on our list is the one that might be already lying in your kitchen cabinet. Yes, it’s the cereal you consume every day for your breakfast, and trust us, the crunch and crispiness the cereal offers it the closest to a graham cracker. 

For a bit of sweetness or flavor, you can use flavored cereals and can even crush and use cornflakes, rice crispies, or any other cereal you like. All you need to do is crush the cereal into a thick paste and use it with your desserts or make a fine layer of it under the cheesecake batter while making cheesecakes. 

Like other substitutes we have mentioned above, this one can also be used with other desserts, including pudding, brownies, ice cream, and even yogurts. 

  • Gingersnaps 

If you want your graham cracker substitutes to be rich in flavors, gingersnap is one such option you would love. They come with high-intensity flavors of cinnamon, molasses, and ginger that will add to the overall taste of the recipe you add them to. 

Gingersnaps resemble graham crackers to a greater extent, not only in their highly rich flavors but their texture too. So, if you don’t mind the crackers overpowering your recipe’s taste, these are the best substitutes to go for you. 

  • Ice Cream Cones 

The last option on our list is something that can be found anywhere without much travel and is the closest substitute for graham crackers when it comes to color, texture, crispiness, and taste. 

Both graham crackers and ice cream cones have more or less the same making process, which is why these cones can conveniently replace graham crackers in most recipes. 

Additionally, they are pretty cheap, allowing you to buy them in large quantities and add a lot of crunch and crispiness to your recipes without a burden on your pocket. 

You can grind the cones and add them to the recipes in a slightly more significant amount than graham crackers to take your recipe’s taste to the next level. 


Graham Cracker Recipes 

Now that we have provided you with some excellent graham cracker alternatives you can easily get your hands on in Australia, here are some recipes for you where you can replace graham crackers with the substitutes we mentioned above. 

  • Bread Muffins 

The first thing you can make using the graham cracker substitutes we discussed earlier is bread muffins. To make these muffins, top the batter with a crushed paste of animal crackers, vanilla wafers, ice cream cones, or any other substitute for the above list. 

  • Glass Cheesecake 

Another delicious and appetizing dessert you can make using any one of the graham cracker substitutes from above is a glass cheesecake. To do this, you simply have to layer all the cheesecake ingredients in a glass jar and top it off with a crushed paste of graham cracker substitute. 

  • S’more

S’more is the first thing that comes to most people’s minds on seeing a box of graham crackers. However, you can still make S’more even if you can’t get your hands on graham crackers. The only thing we could suggest here is not to pay heed to the amount of paste you add to your S’more, as the more crackers, the higher the crisp will be.

Some other recipes where you can replace the graham crackers with one of its substitutes from above include;

  • Lime or Chocolate Tart 
  • Sponge Cake 
  • Pineapple Pie 
  • Marshmallow Fudge 


Conclusion – Graham Cracker Substitute Australia! 

That’s all about the Graham Cracker substitutes in Australia. In this guide, we have tried to provide you with some delicious graham crackers alternatives you can find everywhere. Price is another point we paid heed to, as almost all the options we have enlisted for you cost much less than graham crackers. 

Hopefully, this guide has toned down your fear of not being able to find graham crackers in your area, as you now know of some better alternatives. Elevate your desserts with these substitutes and enjoy! 


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