What Is the Organ on the Back of a Chicken Thigh?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

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The internet is going gaga over that mystery organ on the back of a chicken thigh. Can you guess what are we talking about? 

We are talking about the organ on the back of a chicken thigh. People generally are a fan of leg pieces and they love eating the thigh part as well. But if you are also clueless about what does it we call it, then this guide is going to be an interesting one for you. Let’s get started.


What is the organ on the back of a chicken thigh?

Most people aren’t aware of what exactly is at the back side of the chicken thigh. Although on the internet, there are many claims that it looks different, and tastes different but when we got deeper into it, we found out that it is the kidney of the chicken that is located at the lower back side of the chicken thigh. 


Where can I find it on a chicken thigh?

Talking about where can you find that interesting organ of a chicken thigh, you can find it while having the thigh piece. If you’re eating the leg piece, it is generally the case that you will have the thigh part as well and that’s where you can find the kidney in it. 


How does it look?

When it comes to how it looks, then if you are having the leg piece, then find that dark reddish part that will turn almost black in colour if it is cooked and attached to the thigh. It will be tucked up into the ribs. It will not be too tiny or huge but medium in size. 


How does the kidney of a chicken taste?

The taste of the kidney of the chicken will be a more metallic flavour that would be similar to what the liver tastes like. Many people find it very lip-smacking and prefer eating it particularly. You may like it a lot if you’re a fan of liver. It will have a pale creamy yellow colour from the inside. 


Wrapping up,

This was it. That was all you needed to know about that special mystery part of the chicken thigh. If you have any other similar doubts, please comment below or you can keep following the blog for more such information. Stay tuned. 



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