How Much Are 2 Cloves of Garlic Equal in Tbps (Tablespoons)?

2 Cloves of Garlic Equal in Tbps
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Whenever I hear someone saying garlic, the only thing that comes to my mind is garlic bread, and trust me, none of my visits to the restaurants are complete without me ordering some of them. And fortunately, I am not the only one who is crazy for garlic bread, seeing millions of views on garlic bread recipe videos and blogs. 

However, one unfortunate thing about making garlic bread is the quantity of garlic which isn’t easy to get the hang of. Sadly, most of the recipes I could find online have garlic measured in tablespoons which makes it immensely hard for me to add the right amount of garlic to my recipes. 

Considering that garlic is one of the most crucial ingredients in many recipes, if you don’t want to mess up your cooking, it’s important to know the right quantity of garlic, regardless of your measuring standard. Most users tend to get confused with the number of tablespoons made up of 2 cloves of garlic. 

Typically, 2 cloves of garlic are equivalent to 6 tablespoons of garlic paste. Though it also depends on the size of the cloves and the thickness of the paste, this is generally what most experts agree on. 

I have put together a comprehensive guide for you highlighting the amount of garlic in different measuring standards. I will also provide you with some basic garlic conversions and a typical guide on the method used for measuring garlic. 

Lastly, I will answer some of the commonly asked questions regarding garlic, garlic paste, and numerous measurement confusions people have regarding this. Keep reading if you don’t want to miss out on any of these details. 


How Many Tablespoons Are Made Using 2 Garlic Cloves? 

As I mentioned earlier, working with garlic is a bit complicated, considering that different recipes show different measurements for garlic cloves. However, one thing that’s pretty prominent and confuses most people is the interconversion between tablespoons and the number of garlic cloves. 

This is exactly what I am going to make easier for you here. Typically, one clove of garlic, and mind it, one clove of good-sized garlic, can make around 3 tablespoons of garlic paste. Based on this standard, it’s evident that 2 cloves of garlic are equivalent to 6 tablespoons of garlic paste. 

However, this isn’t fixed, and you can’t expect to get 6 tablespoons of minced garlic paste out of every 2 cloves. This is because it depends on a large number of factors, majorly the size of the garlic and, in turn, the clove, the quality of the garlic clove, i.e., whether it’s dry or fresh because dry garlic can make a lesser quantity of paste compared to fresh garlic clove. 

Some other things you need to consider when determining the number of tablespoons that 2 cloves of garlic can produce are the type of chopping or crushing you are going for. For instance, if you are just casually mincing the garlic cloves manually, you might not be able to get a significant number of tablespoons out of it. 

On the contrary, finely crushed garlic cloves can make many tablespoons of garlic paste. 


What Are Some Basic Garlic Conversions

Now that you have a rough idea about how many tablespoons of garlic paste you can expect from two garlic cloves let me simplify this process for you. Here I have detailed some of the basic conversions regarding garlic for you. 

As explained above, the number of tablespoons of garlic paste you get out of the garlic cloves also depends on the type of crushing you are going for. Typically, you can expect one tablespoon of minced garlic paste using a single clove. 

However, if the garlic you are using for making the paste is a little old and leathery in its texture, you can’t expect even a single tablespoon of paste out of it. Similarly, if the garlic is smaller in size, you might need two or sometimes even three cloves to make one tablespoon of garlic paste. 

So, one pointer for you here is that whenever you are looking to get more garlic paste, depending on the recipe you are making, always pick the largest size of garlic cloves you can find. 

Measuring Garlic for Recipes 

Seeing different measurement standards and units being used for garlic in the recipes you generally make must have confused you. You might now be wondering about the right method to measure garlic for recipes. 

Well, don’t worry; I have your back. Though most recipes call for measuring garlic in tablespoons, the right way to measure it is by its weight in grams. Unfortunately, this isn’t normal practice, and because of this, you have to stick to the tablespoons measurement system most of the time. 

The sad part is that no other methods expect their weight to provide the accuracy you need for most recipes. So, whenever you plan to make a recipe entirely curated by you, stick to the weight measurement system if you don’t want to mess up the quantity of garlic in your recipe. 

Note: This is a guide you can check out to learn more about measuring garlic. 



How Many Teaspoons of Dried Garlic Will Make Two Cloves of Fresh Garlic? 

When it comes to dried garlic, it is a lot stronger in its flavor and intensity compared to fresh garlic. So, if you ever replace a normal-sized fresh garlic clove or two fresh garlic cloves with dried garlic, one teaspoon would be more than enough. Similarly, one teaspoon of garlic cloves would be enough to replace two medium-sized fresh garlic cloves. 

How Many Teaspoons of Garlic Powder Can Replace Two Garlic Cloves? 

Garlic powder is the strongest and most intense form of garlic paste. So, if you ever want to substitute two fresh garlic cloves with garlic powder, add only ¼ teaspoon of the powdered garlic to the recipe. 

Can Minced Garlic Replace Garlic Cloves? 

Yes, minced garlic can easily replace fresh garlic cloves, but you must adjust its quantity. For instance, one clove of fresh garlic can be substituted by a single teaspoon of minced garlic paste. 

Conclusion – How Much Are 2 Cloves of Garlic Equal in Tbps (Tablespoons)?

In this guide, I have provided you with a simple answer to the question, “How Much Are 2 Cloves of Garlic Equal in Tbps (Tablespoons)?” I also took you through a simple conversion guide regarding garlic and highlighted the right measurement standard for measuring garlic for your recipes. 

Lastly, I answered some of the questions you might have in your mind regarding garlic cloves, minced, powdered, and other forms of garlic and their interconversions. Hopefully, this guide will prevent you from getting confused between different garlic measurement systems in the future. 



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